About Krakenwise

The Kraken emerged from the darkest depths of the ocean in search of new worlds to conquer.  Having bested all the creatures of the deep, including a tussle with a Leviathon and a battle of wits with the droll and surprisingly charming Lochness monster, the Kraken was crowned the King of the Seas.

Seeking to expand his dominion, the Kraken wrapped his tentacles around a seaplane bound for New York and hitched a flight to the United States.  Upon arriving in the Big Apple, the Kraken made quick work of the Port Authority — their bullets no match for his thick hide and towering size.

But as he crushed buildings and subway trains alike, the Kraken was left strangely unsatisfied.  Even with a smoldering swath of broken steel in his wake, the sight of wanton destruction was not enough to crack his depression.  Until…

He discovered an internet cafe.

And it was there, amongst the hipsters and stench of patchouli oil, that the Kraken found inner peace.  He developed a love of blogs, and expensive lattes, that quelled the angry beast within.  His thirst for meaningless pop culture exceeded his appetite for destruction, and because of it, humanity was spared…

For now.

In an effort to stop the Kraken from rising again, Krakenwise.com was created.  Our collection of articles on cult cinema, horror movies, video games, and other randomness keep the Kraken at bay.

Please remember, many lives have been lost to entertain the Kraken.  By commenting and following Krakenwise, you honor the memories of those authors that have fallen.

May they rest in pieces.


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